Joyce Meyer, My Secret

Like many others who have joined this group I'm not overly religious or anything, but I love listenting to Joyce Meyer, she's like my dirty little secret, no one knows about..

. Her show 'Enjoying Everyday Life" is on very very late here and a while ago I just happened to flick over to her show and I've been watching it whenever I can ever since. It's not the God stuff, well it is, but it's the fact that she is so blunt and right on the money. She is so inspiring, and she makes me wants to be a better person. She covers all the main topics in life, you couldn't ask for more. She must be big business in America, I mean she preaches in a HUGE stadium. I often enjoy writing quotes from her speeches and thinking about thier true meaning. She's full of great words.

I'm not one to listen to people preaching at all, they are often boring, dull and arrogant. I thought the same of Meyer initially until I actually took notice and my whole opinion changed. She's a very smart woman.

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3 Responses Mar 13, 2010

She's been through a lot of troubles in her life, including child abuse, and she knows what it's like to suffer. Much of her teaching is from experience, that is why it is so real and relevant. If anyone preacher knows what it is like to be truly human, she does. I can relate to her because I am far from the perfect person - something she really understands but doesn't make me feel bad about, because she's been there herself - she just gives me hope and inspiration.

I like her 'tell it as it is' style. Too many people sugar-coat things and don't want to hurt feelings but, sometimes, we have to be smacked with the truth!

Omgoodness! I love Joyce Meyer! Isn't she great? And Joel Osteen too. I used to watch TBN all day until they switched to digital. I don't have cable so I've been missing them....a lot! She has really made a difference in my life. She's definitely one of my favorite motivational speakers!