Kellie Pickler

 Man I love Kellie! Shes so cool! Everytime american idol would come on my friends and some sisters would sit infront of our tv eating popcorn and drinking soda while singing along with our favorite songs that she did so well on american idol. Althought some of us didnt have the best singing voice we kicked butt just hanging out!

  I love her song "red high heels" It's soooo cute! I love it! My friends and I are always singing it. It's a great song. I was at this shoe store and I coudnt decide between a pair of two different high heels. One was a black pair and the other was a red pair. Then out of the blue the radio that was in the store started to play. "red high heels" So I went a head and baught the red ones. Was it fait? Humm.... I dont know....

Amee Amee
18-21, F
Jun 2, 2007