My Dream Of A Pop Star

There is a song of Kelly Clarkson song I like and the song is called Stronger. The way the beat sounds is very perfect and I like it. Kelly Clarkson is a very good singer and I had dreams of seeing Kelly Clarkson in real life. If I could meet anyone in the world I would want to meet Kelly Clarkson and other stars. I have written dreams about on how I saw Kelly Clarkson in real life and why that is is because you are a good singer. Also Texas is one of my favorite states in the United States of America especially when you go to West Texas the landscape is very beautiful. So any Texas star who's good? It is Kelly Clarkson and she is a good pop star that anyone could hope for. I always heard Kelly Clarkson was in American Idol and sometimes when I would lay in my bed I would have a dream about meeting a pop star. Another song I like is behind these Hazel Eyes. And here is what I heard "Here I am once again I'm torn into pieces can't deny it can't pretend." When I first heard that song I wanted to know who this was and I found out it was Kelly who sung the song. I also discovered on the internet Kelly Clarkson was born in Fort Worth, TX and then she was raised in Burleson. Which I thought in my dreams I always wanted to go to all cities in Texas. Including Dallas and some other cities. So thats my story about the Dream I had.
DEVenunskie DEVenunskie
18-21, M
1 Response Dec 1, 2012

I like your two songs and you are a very good singer.