My First Gay Kiss :)

He was 14, I was 16 I believe. He was so sweet. I never was really nervous about the sexual acts with him because we were both clean and healthy and had already made plans each time. But I was weirdly shy about being romantic, as much as I wanted to show that boy a little extra love.

I already had a little thing going with him, but we weren't too romantic. One day, I had just finished sucking him and he came in my mouth. What a good boy he was. Then we just laid there, hugging while I stroked his hair. I was a bit nervous, but then I nuzzled at his neck (he loved that) and planted two soft kisses where the jaw ends. I heard him emit a little moan of pleasure. Then I looked up, took a breath, put my hands around him, and tenderly locked lips with him for a good minute or so. It felt stellar; I wished I had done it earlier. We were both smiling afterwards to realize that we shared something so special. He proceeded to suck me then after he finished we cleaned up, had Hot Pockets for lunch, and went for a swim in his pool.
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can I be ur second

I love to kiss you and you have a sexy ***