Kissing Girls

When I was younger my girlfriend and I used to practise our kissing techniques on each other ( as you do at that age ) I remember our first kiss was a giggly, silly one at a sleepover we had with all of our classmates. A few months passed and while we were watching tv on night she told me she wanted to try it again, but seriously this time so we could tell each other how well we were doing. Well we got so carried away kissing, we forgot about every thing else for the longest time. It was like nothing I had felt before, soft and gentle, head spinning kisses. We never took it any further, just lots of sneaky kissing when we could.  Yummy......                    mojo
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I am guy, but i want to watch some lesbians make love....Please contact me

i want to kiss a girl too but never try

sweet story mojo, i can remember practicing with a couple girlfriends back in grade school and then again in junior high and high school

Hey Mojo,<br />
I love kissing girls too! their lips and tongues are so soft and sweet. I offered practice session to any girl at age 13 after school in the privacy of my bedroom.. i will also let you feel me up or I will do the same. Lets make out!

i love kissing girls. I makeout with them all the time. Its a magical feeling that I wish never ended.

a girl after my own heart!! where is the boldest place you've ever made out with a girl?

Hi mojo, I do thank you for your story, it is so beautiful and it made me feel, that you can be so far away from somebody and feel so near. You have the beauty

Wow, that's hot.

Oh absolutely, not a word was ever mentioned..imagine being labelled a "lesbian" *gasp...horror * lol<br />
<br />
Well, now Im older, I realise that its a turn on for you guys, ( and us girls too ) so no more shall be said !!

Yes, and look how good we are at kissing now! I loved the fact that we could muck around as girls who were just 'experimenting' it felt very naughty........that was probably the attraction.