Been thinking about kissing girls a lot here lately...
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Me too. A lot.

lol...me too ;)

Wow! We have something in common. ;)

well as for the the all man rant good for him and his delusions but whatever makes him happy to each thier own. as for my opinion i think lebians are hot and am jealous lol i have dated bi girls and they have brought some of thier friends into the mix a few times have to say was some of the best intimate times in my life my favorite was to watch her and her friend and not to be perverted it was like watching two greek goddess statues being intimate and becoming one i recieved no sexual pleasure from this just the time to watch something beautiful and for mr. stubble up there lol there is nothing sexy about a mans hairy *** lol but im not gay so i wouldnt know i say gay or straight man or woman or alien or beast do what u can to find love and hold on to it because its a fleeting thing in this world today so kiss them girls rabbit and be damn proud :)

This made me smile because 1) it's sweet, wistful, romantic, thoughtful, dreamy & nice...and 2) so are you, SpiritOfTheRabbit. (hugs) :3

~ Karin

Do what U do and enjoy......... I can only stand by and watch with support for what U want.

Wow, monkeymagic1912 has an incredibly bad case of testosterone poisoning along with his misogyny. Such a shame. I'm a lesbian, and I showed up here to read what SpiritOfTheRabbit had to say because I'm liking the way she thinks and the things she says, and I've been spending a lot of time lately thinking about kissing girls, too. Among other things. And I really like bisexual women, who, like me, tend to be not particularly butch.<br />
<br />
But here this little gay boy has trampled all over someone else's desire, spewing put-downs about over half the population of the planet. I find that irritating. And a very male thing to do: sharing one's unsolicited opinion about something one obviously knows nothing about (for example, basic human biology), in a way that puts down someone who was perfectly happy doing their own thing and not bothering you in any way.<br />
<br />
It really is a shame, because some of my best friends in my life are/have been gay men. Maybe it seems counter-intuitive, since gay men's lives are focused on men and lesbian's lives are focused on women, but people are people, and there is actually more to life than sex. I have felt a great deal of affection for some of the straight men in my life from time to time, but they always eventually get to a broken record stage, where they keep bringing up what a shame it is I'm not into men sexually, or what a shame it is that they're not a woman, because they want to **** me, and I get tired of it and stop being around them .<br />
<br />
With a friendship between a lesbian and a gay man, there is a refreshing lack of sexual attraction on both sides, and it's possible to connect on a number of different levels, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual, without the tension of sex getting in the way. It can be really fulfilling. And let's face it: most of the world lumps us into the same group anyway, for the purposes of oppression, so it's smart to band together.<br />
<br />
I was good friends with a group of gay guys in college, and I learned a lot about men from them. One of the things I noticed was that gay men really seem to LIKE men, in a way that straight women don't. Straight women are always complaining about qualities in men they don't like, that are just the way men are.... Like the casual sex in the bathroom with strangers whose faces you can't even see, for example. Most women of all persuasions think that's fairly disgusting, but that's just the way men are. And most of the lesbians I know, myself included, really LIKE women, just the way women are, in a way that straight men just don't seem to: they want women to be more like men, or they may not see us (or some of us) as human beings at all, but as fetishized ob<x>jects who exist to satisfy their needs. And then there are those like monkeymagic1912 whose loathing of women stems from a combination of fear and ignorance.<br />
<br />
It really shouldn't matter what he thinks about women, but his negative feelings are pretty strong, and it's likely this isn't the only place he expresses them. No doubt he goes through his life acting out his hatred of women, harassing and making life more difficult for any woman he comes into contact with, from shopkeepers to servers to his own relatives, and it's all so unnecessary. If he doesn't want to kiss girls, why can't he just leave the girls alone to kiss each other in peace?

I could not agree more. Thank you!!

Me<br />
I am a gay man. Sorry but what you go on about with the female 'form' is utter nonsence because other than a bit more hip round the but and 2 **** oh and a bit off fluff inbetween her pvt pars WOMENS BODIES SIMPLY ARE THE SAME AS KIDS ONLY TALLER. FACT.<br />
<br />
<br />
Actually men are way sexier than any woman. Hence why there are way way WAYYY more gay guys than gay women. To me woman are only pretty but totally sexless and non sexual so cant see how that is more 'sexy' than a man. Sex with woman = boring to me<br />
Every part of the male body changes and becomes manly and sexier whereas the female body other than getting hips and boobs stays much the same as when as before pubitity. People go on about the female shape etc. Ok she gets **** and a big but or hip but what else ? Truth is she everything else on a woman stays the same as when she grew up. For example.<br />
<br />
1) Female skin stays the same as before after puberty as before. However men skin changes and gets manly. You cant deny this as its a fact. Womans skin stays the same as when they were little girls. No so with men!<br />
2) Men again developed more than women round the chin and jawline. They get sexy manly stubble. Women’s jaw stays the same as before they hit puberty. Nothing there changes once again. Obliviously facial hair is only seen as attractive on men and certainly not on women but I say this as to POINT OUT women hardly change from being 12 year old girls! And I certainly don’t think 12 year olds are sexual attractive hence fail to understand how anyone for a second could say women are more sexy when they basically are kids just taller.<br />
3) Womens hands stay the same as kids hands. Small and nothing changes YET again when they grow up into women. BUT mens hands develop and become strong and manly. You can see the change in a mans hands when he grows up but women’s hands simply don’t change from being a 12 year old girl. Fact.<br />
4) Men get macho sexy hairy manly chests. <br />
5) Men get strong manly arms BUT yet again women’s arms rarely change to when they were kids.<br />
6) Men get six packs but women don’t – not really .<br />
7) Men get sexy sideburns. Again nothing changes on the female form there and stays the same as when they were KIDS.<br />
Do you want me to go ? As I can. What the hell does change on a woman to when she was a 12 year old girl/kid ?? She just gets **** and hips!!! But nothing else. Just like a kid and how is that sexy or sexier than a strong hunky macho man. No compition there and if you work it out overall men are more poplour than women for both genders when it comes to sexual attraction.<br />
<br />
More gay men than gay women = more straight woman and people overall fancy MEN. Why because there are more women that are straight and more gay men. It is logical.<br />
<br />
People can say I am ranting and I am really not caring if I write this in a lazy way but I know I have made a lot of truthful points.<br />
<br />
Women are pretty but sexy or sexually attractive???? Not for me and certainly not as sexy, fulfilling and sexual satisfying as a man.<br />
<br />
I have tried sex with a woman although I thought what is the point ? But did so and it only confirmed that women don’t turn me on at all. It was the most sexually unsatisfying experience I have ever gone through with.<br />
<br />
Personally I think lesbians are getting a raw deal and missing out big time. I don’t understand why you get them when men are more of a turn on to look at and be with. I think lesbians are basically a joke . Just cant see the sexiness in women . They are boring and non sexual compared to men to me.<br />
<br />
Men rule as the ultimately sexier gender. I can look at the beauty of his masculine sexy designer stubble and how it grows round his chin and so much . Its like ART to me.<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />

??? what is your rant about??? Do you know you seriously sound like you lost your last marble years ago... SMH what's your deal???

and.....what are you trying to say?

Obviously you're a lesbian!

Bisexual actually.

So you believe that " If you can't be with the one you love....love the one your with?" Must be hellish! Sure is weird!

You are confused....you don't favour any one sex! Indecisive? I'd hate to ask you about abortion!

I fall in love with personalities, not genitals. I don't let gender limit who I am attracted to.

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Sweetest kisses,go girls muaaaaah.

Me too. There's nothing like it... but then I'm a guy.<br />
Hot photo, by the way.

Blame it on the mixed signals I've been getting from the men in my life. And the fact that I miss the sweet soft curves of a girl in bed...

so did you wind up doing it?

Nope. lol

A curvy woman is a very erotic visual turn on. However - soft lips and a little french kiss, and I melt into your arms for a tender embrace - m-m-mmmm. Maybe for hours - Just a good start to greatsex! XOXO

O.O ,....... um,... wow