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Not My First, Nor My Last But..

   My friend Jared always tried to set me up with girls, for whatever reason haha. The first few didn't really go so well, but then there was this girl Shayla. I liked her, like, unbelievably a lot. She had a boyfriend then though. The first time we hung out was at the movies. Now, Shaylie was a cute little scene girl haha, almost as little as me (I'm 5'0 and 90 something lbs :p) so of course I got all giggly and nervous around her. She put her head in my lap for the movie and just kept looking up at me between texting her boyfriend. I took her phone and told him, "I'm busy with Britty. I'll talk to you later k" Hahaha yes, I'm possessive.
   Anywayssss, after the movie we were just waiting out in front of the theatre for my mom when she pulled me closely into a hug and just looked at me. I knew she wanted to kiss me, and I definitely wanted to kiss her. However, she had a boyfriend and I'm not into kissing people who aren't single, makes me feel like a toy. I dunno, like a week later maybe, she came over to my house. I guess she broke up with her boyfriend in that week. We were in my room on my bed (well okay, futon. Whatever!! xD) and she stood up and pulled me with her. She hugged me and then pulled back a little, but keeping her arms wrapped around my neck, swaying a little and looking me in the eyes. Obviously, then she kissed me (she had spiderbites hahahah hottt :L) and duh, I kissed her back. Yummmm.. She kissed me again and then lightly pushed me over so the backs of my legs were against the ...futon-.- So I lay on it and she climbed on me and kissed me again, then just lay there on top of me for awhile.
    We went outside and sat in the back of my mom's truck and it was colldddd :o She was so lame it was cute haha, I think the way she asked me out was like "Britty do you wanna like, be my girlfriend and stuff?" It was adorable, I couldn't help but laugh; I said "Of course" when I was done though :P she was like "Then gimme a kiss." And I did C: I loved her kisses. We spent the rest of the night watching Ponyo while cuddling and holding hands under the blanket. Awkward when my mom came out. xD Then I went to sleep in her arms. We woke up and just lay there listening to her favorite music, which I'm now in love with Mariana's Trench, her favorite band. COUGH she cheated on me a week later, oh well :/

SORRY THIS WAS LONG AS ****. I over detail everything :C hahah
BritatoChip BritatoChip 18-21, F 2 Responses Aug 11, 2011

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"Britty do you wanna like, be my girlfriend and stuff?" It was adorable<br />
<br />
Thats so cuteeeeeee :)<br />
<br />
Too bad she cheated on you :/ Glad you found someone else tho

Yeah it was xD Cause she stuttered and stuff too.

And yeah, it sucks, but Mary is much better (: Thanks! &lt;3

forget her,,she will do it again and again, find someone who could really fall in love with me 4 instance,,,,, im a guy who has lost a girl through cheating,i forgave her but that seemed to just give her the red light to do it agai twice ur lucky shes gone, i set my ex up with a right c|nt who treats her as she deserves,,, very badly.. good riddance i say, jam