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I met her on FB and Im the one say hi to her first. She's sweet, gorgeous and friendly. By that time I married and if I have chance again I never make that wrong decision.Day by day, I realize that I have strong feeling and strong passion about girl than guy. I try to keep our relationship like just being normal friend, sometime chat each other. Two weeks ago when we chat together I shared with her how bad im feeling with my marriage life and I really need a hug from her. She said to me: if Im there with you now I will give you a warm hug and a kiss. So I feel a little open to her and I shared with her about my feeling about girl that I really want to have a kiss with girl. She shared same thing to me that she did try that several months ago but nothing going because now she is sure she prefer man than but if we have chance to meet each other she doesn't mind if I want to do it with her. It makes me feel warm that some one understand me and she always be there with me. Somehow I feel by the story she share to me that she didn't understand herself sometimes and know what does she want too just exactly mine. She doesn't mind if some day she discovered she is lesbian she will happy with that and enjoy her life, same to me.She loves travel to my country if she have a chance but it will be very expensive. I can not get her out of my mind, im thinking of her everyday even we are living so far to each other now (she lives in USA and Im in VN).
After so many days thinking about it I want to discover my life together with her so I invited her travel to my country, spending happy time with and we can meet each other. I will take care everything for her during the time she is travelling here but Im a little nervous now because I really don't want destroy our relationship. I have same feeling that she is consider that is she gay and that is why I ask her to do it, to agree to that invitation to come here. I said to her doesn't matter what will happen or what result just spending time on the beach, talk face by face, drinking or dancing together. I hope she understand my love for her ;(
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I think she will understand, just don't rush! Also if you are married that is a problem. I know you may be unhappy with him and really want to express your love to this woman but think how she must feel. How could she feel like she is loved if you are married? Just think it through and if you feel this is something you really want, then maybe reconsider if you really want to be married! All-in-all I am sure she knows you care deeply for her.