Girls Girls Girls

I have quite a bit of experience kissing girls. Whenever I go out to the bar I end up kissing at least one girl. Last night I MADE OUT with 2 girls at the bar. It was so hot. I think one of the couples wanted me to go home with them but... I had other plans 
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Your great wish I could do that I always fantasise about kissing girls

That's a lovely share - do you still enjoy it? I'd love for my lover to do some of that stuff

Making out with women is just so sexy :)

Hottie, You're such an awesome woman. I wish all women were as open about their sexuality as you are.

there is definitely a difference b/t kissing a man and kissing another woman. I'm completely straight, but I have enjoyed a few experiences with women in my time.....I LOVE to kiss and kissing other girls is very sweet and sensual.

That is great, I am so jealous because kissing a women is the most beautiful thing, and it has been just too damn long for me. I am very bi-sexual but I don't really get alot of time to look for that girlfriend that I can really enjoy being with. I also have a full time boyfriend. So I wish that last night I was making out with two different women that would have been great, but instead I was home watching tv with my man. Damn, YOU ROCK!!!!

You're awesome!

sound like i envy you something. XD

...i knew we had something in common besides