Natural to Me

I never felt anything wrong with kissing, holding hands and hugging my girl friends. I have had a lot of pretty friends and it's no different acknowledging a pretty face from a beautifull flower in a garden.

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A Kiss and embrace for TP in return : )

Oh yeah.....Sigh : )

Very comforting

LOL, handy2iam, I think it is frowned on here. I did see a lot of that in San Francisco and in parts of europe though. Krystelle thanks for the comment, I did not even remember this story anymore, it's been so long. lol

That's OK for woman to do this, not sooo good for us men, <br />
GAG,,, ** wink **

Your friends that are girls? bit messy, confuising and much there. Careful now casanova

Two girls kissing each other is looked as sexual as two differant sex persons kissing.But I love two girls kissing.

I love your analogy California rocks "it's no different acknowledging a pretty face from a beautiful flower in a garden. "<br />
<br />
I feel like dazza and reallove don't get it and never will.<br />
Boys are enticed by our innocent pleasures, and so they dirty them.<br />
"Oh baby can you make out lesbian style for me?"<br />
lol they must be so envious of the freedom


I would kiss you fungirl as a small token of my appreciation

agreed, nothing wrong with kissing those closest to you.

i like watching girls kiss ;-)<br />
<br />
kinda sad how most of the guys turned this into a sexual post (myself included)

how poetic!!<br />
i like the way you are thinking.....yeah i like cuddling my friends...and holding hands...but kissing ...i think i should start doing that :P

I agree with you and it is a natural thing. A hug and kiss can be very comforting.

Isis2008, that is so cute...

umm...i am just realising that more n more....kissing doesnt make you anything...its just an ex<x>pression of your appreciation

whuttup12...very funny :)

I agree with the title of this, it's always been natural for me to kiss girls as well.

Yes, it's natural to me too. Always has been.

Thank you DeepseaMaster, now throwing arms in the air...WooHoo!

nothing wrong with that huns, if that is what u want to do, but can you let me watch u kissing next time :)<br />
<br />
D xxx

Awwe...thank you! so sweet : )

you say some nice things am falling in love with you xxx