And Women!

Females have a different way of kissing, and it's a beautiful thing.

I can't recall my first kiss with a girl, but I can recall my first kiss with a real girlfriend. She sent electricity down my spine and was surprisingly soft, yet aggressive.

I like kissing girls, and I hope that they like kissing me too!

(I do not, however, enjoy kissing drunk girls so their boyfriends can watch. That's just not cool. Kiss me if you mean it!)

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3 Responses Oct 29, 2007

I feel SOO the same way...if there's a good feeling between a woman and while we kiss, it just feels like the best ever. I'm sure my desire to be a lesbian is knowing how erotic kissing a woman feels. I love it!! sound sweet..mmmm

I agree. I love kissing girls, Girls have a romantic loving way they kiss and guys dont, they just want to hurry up and do it so they can get into your pants.

haha! blame it on nature i guess!

I've kissed both, and yes there is a difference, women can be aggressive sometimes, just as a guy can be tender. But now I only kiss one person and that is different too because of the love there.<br />
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Interesting post, thanks<br />
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