hello im sorry if u hate me i dont know what i have done to you ,this lady kitty said she hates men to one of my stories. i tried to reply but i couldnt .im sorry lady if u wanna chat to me please do that is what EP is for.honestly i am not a pervert i am a nice guy really shy crap
with women im sorry if my story offended you.
defoekeane defoekeane
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and her crew that thing from the bronx ediezen garbage people

o and dente is garbage as well

Wow that's a strong thing to say if people
Don't like me so be it she's a strange lady but we all are I suppose

Kittychanel womans a moron her and that stupid cat shes a loser a schizo pyscopath.
she loved up with some dickhead pog lol he lives 3000 miles from her and they think they are together shes an idiot

I'm sorry but I saw the penis pics. I cant deal..

how sure are u lot that this is a she....

You dodged a bullet with this one , she is an ugly , retarded (maybe 80 IQ ) , welfare scammer . How else does she have have days to waste , bullying people on EP . Her sad life revolves around EP and her fugly daughter ( only so many pics of the same pathetic cat can one take ) . She is an attention ***** who is using America's taxes to fund her EP life . Too lazy to work .

^^^^says the stalker. I still state that you're completely in love with Kitty

All this nonsense is in vein. You're not exactly a candidate for Mensa. All one has to do is read your writing. Maybe this is why you were dumped. And your desperate *** begging for his attention brought out his true side and now you get a death wish just like I did. you have great taste in men. I felt sorry for you but if you can't see people for what they are, I have no sympathy for you.

i kinda felt bad for her too. but, not so much anymore.


nah what? =P


No no no no nahhhh


Dafoe keeps telling me about this stuff and I said I know already! And we are friends now anyway. This is old news.

Obviously C and H doesnt know how to read the dates on stories. Nor does she know much else.

She said my ***** is ugly! Thats just wrong! Don't **** with my daughter you tarbaby! :P

she is hating on you. I still think she has some weird *** lezzie crush on you. I heard she's into chicks. She loves this abuse

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