My Invented Squares Into Squares Knitting Pattern (good For Knitting Blankets)

For all the ladies here who love to knit, especially if you love to knit squares for a blanket, I invented a square-into-square pattern where you can use any colors you like. To me it's verry easy to knit, and it's much better then knitting four squares that you have to sew together to get the same effect.

I'm not trying to make commercial advertising or so for my invention, I'm just trying to help other ladies out who love to knit as much as I do.

So if you love knitting squares for a blanket, you can use this pattern for free. It's just a pattern I want to share with the world :D

I made a website about it where you can read all about it and see pictures of examples I knitted before, here it is:    (select the URL, copy it, and paste it into a new internet frame) That's the page you can print.

The homepage of that website is . Maybe you can also find some other things there that might be interesting to you.

I'm just hoping you all can understand my describtion about how to knit this pattern as English is not my real language, because I'm from Belgium and my real language is Dutch. I did google a lot about the knitting terms LOL

Anyways, I hope you'll have as much fun knitting this square as I do !

If u have any questions, or suggestions, please let me know.

Take care ladies !


Marleen aka AngelicLights

AngelicLights AngelicLights
31-35, F
Apr 18, 2010