New Knife


I don't feel good because of pain due to neuro. damage...however, I did get a new knife in mail today!

 It's a Traditional Japanese Hunter by Japanese knife maker Takeshi Saji. It has a 6" blade made with11 layer Suminagashi. The 4-1/4" handle is carved from a very dense and very hard wood and then wrapped with croc leather. OMGoddess!

The first thing I did was take a plastic water bottle out to the back porch and strike the bottle at a midpoint as fast as I could. The blade flew through the bottle so easy that I thought I had missed it until I saw the top half flying. The bottom half had not moved and was still full of water.

No one, not even my wife can under stand how much I love knives. Knives have always been there for me. I hurt so much, but just holding this knife makes me feel strong. This is a great knife....DD  


Dewduster Dewduster
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10 Responses Feb 19, 2009

Does it slice as good in people as in the water bottle?

Thank you LA, it is a work of art and feels good to hold in a way only you could understand...DD

Achilles tendon, juggler vein, or a simple slice across the eyes <br />
or even across the forehead are perfect targets for the small sharp knife.<br />
<br />
I have used the forehead slice several times because I didn’t want to deal with <br />
the repercussions of seriously hurting someone. The blood is profuse and temporarily<br />
blinds/scares someone and I can walk away without fear of lawyers. At lest that has been my experience to date. <br />
<br />
Darn lawyers are making it hard to do much of anything. I hear that it can cost you about $100,000 for killing someone even if it is clearly in self defense. No A*shole is worth that kind of legal trouble.<br />
<br />
Cheap knives also have the advantage of being used and lost... That said, I see most of my knives such as the one above by Takeshi Saji as works of art and I admire its beauty…DD

I like "...un-phased! XD" as I like anything you say...Dd

I think a good but inexpensive knife to carry is a steak Knife. You can get four under $50 and the heavy paper sheath is all you need after you add a little tape. Nice thing is you can use them and loose them. Very common and hard to trace….DD

Used to carry them all over my self hidden. Had to dump my favorite getting frisked to go into a pro ball game.

MISTRESSROXY, there are times when a good sharp knife can be a woman’s best friend. Lol. The trick is to never introduce your little friend until after he has done his job of protecting you from a fate worse then death! ROTFL…DD

You just gave me happy cold chills....

flourlady111, lot to be said for all types snail mail...DD

Cool! DD------------ there is sometimes much happiness in the mail. Good for you!