MCUSTA Knife From Seki City, Japan


I have a new knife! Total surprise! My wife wanted to perk me up because I was so sick last Sunday. I had to spend the night in Cardiac Intensive Care due to weird EKG, ECG showing and pneumonia. Lol. (Wild weekend)

She found the MCUSTA knife on my wish list and ordered it for me. UPS left the package on our front porch and I discovered it this morning when I let our sweet “guard” dog out.

The high end Mcusta is the Damascus blade VG-10 core forged with 33 layers Damascus stainless steel. The handle is hard wood with predominant finger grooves. 

 As soon as feel up to it I am going to take a plastic water bottle and test the blade by slicing the bottle in a single fast stroke. If the blade is good the bottom half will not move and be left holding all its water. I love this “trick”.  


Dewduster Dewduster
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2 Responses Feb 24, 2009

That sounds like a fine knife. Also, was damascus steel not from India or Persia ?

Today I feel stronger so I look for a plastic water bottle. I can’t find any because my wife sent my small collection to recycle. Found a large Gatorade in frig so I emptied the contents into a jar and refilled the quart container with tap water.<br />
<br />
Placed the bottle on the balcony ledge and zipped the blade through the bottle. Nothing. No water flying through the air…nothing. Had I missed? No! I saw water slowly seeping from the middle of the container. The blade was not long enough to cut all the way through and was only able to cut about six inches into the plastic. The cut was so clean and fast that the bottle didn’t move. A perfect swipe!...DD