Bowie Knives

I liked the original shape bowie knife. Carried one with me through the war. Still have it. Still sharp.

Sharper than I.

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Glad to see three of my friends interact.

Please do not try to shoot the leg. <br />
Shoot the center of the chest. If you hit high or low you still hit. Never bluff or try to wound. Many experts agree with this...DD<br />
LOL--Hi retiredfather :-) Sorry, we have taken over your post. Tell us we are off topic or whatever and I will obay.

Thanks Robin. Yor comment is a wake up call for me. One thing I did learn about a knife is how to hold it during self defence. Hold the knife in a fist shaped hand with the point facing down. A person should strike downward verses upward. Doing so you have a much better chance of your arm not being stopped. <br />
Now that I doen't have any children at home, I would & will get a gun in my bedroom. I have no problem shooting an intruder in the leg. And no, I would not let them take it away. They would never get close enough to me.

GO Robyn1972!!!...DD

I have kept a bowie knife on or next to the bed fot a great many years. Chased an intruder out of our bedroom once with that knife. Didn't catch him but my wife sure show her appreciapion! Felt like I was 18 years old...DD

Being a woodcarver, I have several knives, but only one is a favorite that I carry when I am camping or hiking. It's a plain carbon blade with a soft rubber handle, made briefly in the early 90's for IKEA. My original case for it was chewed up by the dog, so it's in a Mora knife case, which I wear on a lanyard around my neck.