Comments Are The Best... Especially The Salacious Ones :)

I've posted some pictures here and elsewhere. I love knowing that my pictures bring some people pleasure. There's nothing better than getting comments from people who are aroused by looking at my pictures. I especially love knowing when my pictures have turned someone on enough for him or her to **********. It never fails to make me smile.
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23 Responses Sep 14, 2012

oh yes i love comments too your pictures are enough to turn any man on mmm thanks for sharing. Where else have you posted your pics?

You should be smiling now if you could see me!

May i get a add from you?

yes :)

I love seeing our pictures, they definitely turn me on.

thank you!!

add me so i can see?

Would love to see your photos. Please add. Thanks.

Please add -then see what happens next!

thanks everyone. i just took a bit of a risk and posted a picture of myself with my hands down my lace undies. I do hope it pleases you all :)

If you add me it'll put a smile on your face!

Would love to make you smile, plz add me

please add me

please add me thank you


Please add me. I have "gotten off" many times on EP reading hot stories but especially some of the very attractive ladies on EP. Thanks.


Can you add me. I would love to see them.

Done :)

Can u add me loved ur storry now I wana see ur pics


I'm smiling too, in anticipation of being added - please


Would love to add to your comments - please add me

Tommy and I fantasise all the time about people on EP.


Judging from the teasing picture for your profile you know how to make a man happy.

I try :)

I am truly hoping you will add me so I can comment on your pics.

i would love to bring a smile to your face pls add me

thanks for all of your nice comments!

I would be happy to look at , comment salaciously and comment on ur sexy hot pics !