What An Aphrodisiac!

In hotels, especially....oh yes. It really sucks when the people in the room next door are blaring their television before you even start though....such a disappointment.

*cheeky laugh*

If all is well, there's knowing smiles or glares as you pass in the hall of the hotel the next morning. Either way, they heard and not a moment was faked.

TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
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12 Responses Feb 10, 2009

ac- I almost spat my merlot out then!! LOL>....

LMCAO- laughing my cute arse off...HBY, maybe so.<br />
<br />
I love it...so no it wasn't me in Canada!

Well, I know it wasn't you in that room with paper thin walls in Canada. They were pathetic. No fun at all. But then, they were probably trying to be quiet neighbors.

Girl, I have not been in NY in YEARS, but I'm pretty sure I could hear you all the way down here in Georgia!!! LMAO!!!!

Hahaaaha, HBY if you were in NY in November then... ;)

I was wondering what that was, good to know it was just you and your honey and not some wild animal that got loose! :)

naughty girl lol

Oh dear dr. c :(

You know, as nice as it is, TRW, it would probably drive me crazy, and probably make me want to jump out a window. <br />
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Of course, it would be the same with anyone. I honestly hate hearing it. It makes me beyond envious and beyond miserable.

LOL Cheeky Devil! Bet your man loves the racket you make too ;)

It was probably an aphrodisiac for them as well :-)~~

I agree. It's cool listening, or being heard.