Tip On How To Keep Your Beloved Koi Safe And Happy

A tip THAT HAS WORKED FOR US  to keep critters and raptores from making unwelcome visits to your koi sanctuary is to tie the biggest , brightest,shiniest gazing ball to a lenght of fishing line and the other end to a brick. You want the gazing ball to float freely in the water using the weight of the brick to keep it from hitting and breaking on the edge of the pond. We have not lost a single fish now in 15 years. That includes 21/2 foot long koi to 750 feeder fish ( for the gorgeous schooling effect). 18 more days till sping and counting. And special note to all still buried in snow, hope all is well and your in your koi sanctuary soon. Bless you.

wanderingvine wanderingvine
51-55, T
Mar 3, 2010