Old Or Young, Main Thing Is They're Large

Yesterday was a great boob watching day and proved once again that I don't separate between women's age as long as they have big ones. We went to a children's playpark with the family. Such places are always great for spotting big boobs. First my eye was caught by an older woman with huge, maybe F or G cup ****. She was very playful too, climbing in some of the children's playthings which made her jiggle even more. She seemed to smile back while I was staring at her, but she was probably the kind of person that smiles all the time. I was a little disappointed to see her leave soon after, but soon I got more eye candy as we proceeded to go swimming with the kids. On the beach I had the chance to watch a teenager with nice ****. Nothing compared to the milf I saw before but nicely round and definitely large for her age.
moppister moppister
31-35, M
Aug 2, 2010