Latin - My Second Foreign Language

Born in 1939, it was normal for me to choose English as my first foreign language.

When it came to the second to choose, I think I was influenced by my family, since my mother's eldest brother had written his PhD all in Latin. Well... I started learning this 'dead' language , and more and more found out that it is a very lively language. Of course, we aren't talking of romanic languages. It's the English vocabulary stemming from Latin roots 50%. Remember 1066 - the Normans overpowering the country with their language, coming from out of Latin roots.

Even such a simple word as 'empty' comes from Latin, from the verb 'emere'= to take, to buy.

the tenses go: emere, emo, emi, emptum. The Past Participle means: something that has been taken or bought. It's emptum, speak empty...


Genrik Genrik
66-70, M
Jul 26, 2007