Ego Laeta Est

I took 3 semesters of Latin in college, and I would have continued learning it, but I dropped out and moved home. I severely miss it. I feel like I've pretty much forgotten all of it. I wish more schools offered Latin. It's so much fun, and so interesting. My favorite sentence learned was stercus fit. **** happens. :D

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Ms, so far so good. "Laeta sum" would have been sufficient, without "Ego". In this case, the form "sum" contains the subject of the short sentence.<br />
Forming the sentence with "ego"might mean that the author takes it for a noun. Today, in modern languages, this is possible, speaking of the ego, the egoes, the alter ego - mainly in psychology. We will never be able to ask a native speaker of Latin whether "ego" as a noun would have been male or female. Only in the latter it might have been possible to put it this way: <br />
"Ego (mea) laeta est"...<br />
Phew!<br />
Kind regards, Genrik

If they offer it in college then I say keep studying it! I'm so bummed I forgot almost all of it. The only thing I can really read is my Oxford Latin Course Part I Book about Quintus Horatius Flaccus that we read my 1st semester. I keep meaning to put all my translations online, but I never seem to find the time.

Pity that MsIndividual can't be contacted or doesn't want to be. Otherwise, it might be possible to talk about doing latin...