The Best Language In School

I got into Latin because I was in choir, and we sang a lot of old Catholic music.  That, and I had this perverse fear that theoretically at any point I could be swallowed up by a wormhole and flung anywhere in space or time, and it seemed like Latin would be my best choice for a survival language.

I took it for three years.  I never learned anything about English grammar in English class - we just read classic literature and talked about poetic devices, which was all well and good.  But Latin taught me about the structure of my own language, why things work th way they do.  Because it's a "dead" language, we didn't have to concern ourselves with speaking and listening, pronouncing foreign sounds and accents (as I did in my brief stint in French), it was all about the language as a system of rules and the cheat codes to English vocabulary.

Foltor Foltor
31-35, M
1 Response Aug 19, 2007

Foltor, you are perfectly right. The strict rules of grammar in Latin reinforce the knowledge of one's mother language.