" The Lobotomist "

The story of Walter Freeman M.D. and his "misguided" attempt to relieve the suffering of chronically disturbed mental patients in institutions and the public at large throughout the 1930's into the 60's . Sometimes it really worked well and these patients were able to return to a normal , productive life . Often though , there would be no significant change , or in some cases , the patient would take a drastic downturn . The procedure was guesswork at best , mutilation at worst . He wanted to help humanity as well as make a greater name for himself . His goal wasn't really to cure , but to alleviate the symptoms , to give people some control over their illnesses . Years later , medications do the same thing and Great Scott ! there are so many in need of help for one thing or another . To this day , there is very little chance of being cured of any mental illness despite all the study , meds , trial and error treatments , etc. Mental illnesses fascinate and even horrify , many have some form of disorder or another . Education and understanding needs to be encouraged for us all .
WisestFool WisestFool
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Jan 8, 2013