Learning Again

Currently learning to be a mother again.  I have put so much energy into the man I thought I loved...he has now moved out for the sanity of my family.  I am getting to know my children again, this can be very frustrating, isolating, and lonely.  I love my children, but being in an unhealthy relationship for so long, I have lost my self.  Since he has left, my kids need me so much, it almost feels smothering.  It takes most of my energy to get motivated.   Once I get going its good, but I still find it hard.  I feel guilty because of these feelings,  and failure at that.  I know that these feelings are temporary, and life will kick in again, but I have to reconnect myself to the world of parenting, family and freinds.  Sometimes it is quite difficult. 

Any advice on finding a social network, support groups, and making new friends. 

kitkat kitkat
31-35, F
Apr 23, 2007