Never Stop Learning

Life is about learning and you never stop.I enjoy in learning very much and if you keep learning you are never bored with life.I would say grab any interest,learning,exploring with both hands no matter what the age and enjoy.
I enjoy challenging myself to go out of my comfort zone.I'm curious and I love adventures.Knowledge does keep life interesting.In fact I'm addicted to learning...You can never know too much...
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You can never know too much...but the more you know, the more you know you don't know, you know?<br />
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I don't think I'll stop learning even after I die.

Thank you for reading and commenting!!!☺♫♫☺

Being a life-long learner is so very advantageous! <br />
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While in the Navy & while visiting foreign nations I would not go to tourist traps or bars & clubs all that much, instead I would go to museums & biological gardens. I am glad I did! What sights & great art to see!<br />
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A side note: when my Shipmates wanted to stay out of (more) trouble they would seek me out on "liberty call". They knew I would not be going to somewhat risky places & there was no chance of getting into trouble.

Yeah,with learning life is much happier,more fun and interesting!!!...tnx:)

agree with you , life wlii more hapiness by learnig <br />
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