The Inner Circle

Its always nice to know who has the inside track. Like here at EP, I've seen employee's profiles and what they say about themselves. That's good; although, I wanted to know more. I got this idea from reading another circle friend's blog. So lets learn a little about those who manage this site:
CEO and founder Armen Berjikly interview on 'The View from the Bay' 01.29.09.

Meet the team 08.20.07.

I know these are old, yet its nice to know at least 3 members lasted 3 years!

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6 Responses Sep 4, 2010

Sure, no problem jerrica :~)

very interesting. thanks for posting this.

Maybe they've gotten one in the past 3 years since they made those videos. I see EP TV didn't work out as well as EP radio. Plus did you see how close they all sit next to one another, if it's still the same way they don't really need a water cooler Lilt. LOL <br />
<br />
I think the difference between EP and a pornsite is that there's no visual physical interaction destiney24. They may talk about it and they may hook up, yet there are filters that apparently many people use to by pass the sexual aspects of the site. Maybe they should create a separate section for the adult members so they can fantasize without interaction with those who aren't interested. Like smoking and non-smoking sections in a restaurant.

I think they are desperately in need of a water cooler, so they can talk about us.

Yes, he seems sweet! Jello? I missed that one ;~) Ah, thank you Lilt !!!

I love you Armen! <br />
But you forgot to mention the "I WTK What Color Jello You Are?" group.<br />
It's okay. For better or worse, you have changed many lives. Kudos!