I want to know more about the culture of rock music, anyone knows some awesome facts ?
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Well, there's been some crazy but possibly true stories recently about all the major bands being engineered by the CIA, starting with the psychedelic rock movement, moving thru the Kurt Kobain era, all the way to our current musical artists. Try googling psychedelic music & mind control. If anything it's a fun topic. Apparently Jim Morrison's dad started the agency. This is why they never spoke. Also, why have all the most famous O.D.'d on heroin? It is a lot to speculate about. All in all sounds like the theory is rock music was meant to make people retarded X3 Again I heard all this from other people but maybe you'll find something worthy in your search for rock facts.

Originated from jazz

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The guy who sang "the twist" was a janitor in a production building and they needed to find someone to sing

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I was recently informed the Dave Matthews band does not actually rock.

How is his band called ?

It's just the Dave Matthews band. I can't say for certain my info is accurate, I don't really listen to them.

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