How to get someone to tell you his or her secrets?
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First, build trust.



Prying will pretty much ensure non-disclosure.


Open up to them with one of your own secrets and THEN ask them "have you felt the same?"
Because most of the time, people open up to you if you open up to them. If you don't, they probably say to themself, "well why should I tell her when she doesn't tell me anything?"

show them you respect their privacy a lot and the decision to tell anything depends on them always. That's how it worked out for me ^^ I am now a human diary altho I didn't rly volunteered lol.

Tell them one of your own secrets.

true. it is one of possible ways .

Bribery is best haha

Get their trust...


Ask them, then keep asking with more probing follow up questions. Tell them you know something already and want to hear their side.

That pretty much guarantees they'll never talk.