What is your favorite color and how dose it affect you?
I like white and light blue.For white, it makes me feel purity, but light blue it makes me calm and feel joyful.
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Yes, many sedatives are blue and have a calming effect. Fire engines are red or orange and stimulate and alert. Colors can influence the psyche.

I like teal and turquoise b/c they remind me of the color of the ocean in the Caribbean. Very calming.

My favorite to look at is blue but I like to wear red.
Different hues of blue are so pretty to look at- they make me feel happy complete- which reminds me of my son lost my favorite cobalt blue umbrella today.
Red makes my skin glow...

Lavender Magenta Indigo
The purple you see in a sunset. It makes me feel happy I suppose.

Me too mine

Mine is blue, but I have no idea of what affect it has on me