So I was reading a story from a friend in my circle and he was talking about appreciating the present. He used Luxuriate. I had never heard of this word before. I like it.

[luhg-zhoor-ee-eyt, luhk-shoor-]
–verb (used without object), -at·ed, -at·ing. enjoy oneself without stint; revel: to luxuriate in newly acquired wealth. grow fully or abundantly; thrive: The plants luxuriated in the new soil.

1615–25;  < Latin luxuriātus,  past participle of luxuriāre. See luxuriant, -ate1

—Related forms
lux·u·ri·a·tion, noun

un·lux·u·ri·at·ing, adjective
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Thank you destry :~)

Thanks zombiefighter :~)

Your welcome welshbabe. Thanks for reading my stories. Now both of us know new words :~)

I have heard of this word, it, is an extention of "luxury" lol :D <br />
Ie; "the word luxuriate is a verb and has a Latin origin. It is taken from the word 'luxuriare' or luxuriat'. Luxuriare means 'to be luxuriant' and is obtained from 'luxuria'. Luxuria means 'luxury'.. I think you and i have the same interest here, 4vrUnique, we both enjoy learning new words! :D <br />
Thank you my darling for sharing your post! :D