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My New Words - G, H & I

Gynotikolobomassophile - Someone who likes to nibble on women's earlobes. Not very useful in every day conversation, but it would be fantastic in a personal ad. "Single, white gynotikolobomassophile seeks large lobed woman."

Hyperhedonia - Condition in which abnormally heightened pleasure is derived from participation in tedious or uninteresting activities. Just think of the possibilities - ironing, folding socks, organizing the spice rack...

Interbastation - This is one of those words that sound a bit naughty, but really isn't. It refers to...quilting. Imagine the fun you could have with it though. "What were you doing with that door closed? Oh nothing, just some harmless interbastation."
sciguy18 sciguy18 56-60, M 3 Responses Jan 28, 2012

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Funny and interesting....I've wanting to learn interbastation...

Wonder what type of responses you would get if you posted an ad looking for someone to teach you interbastation?

I may not like the answers I would get for an ad like that....

Ha-ha! Those are very funny! I actually could use a good dose of hyperhedonia to get me through all the tasks I find so boring I could scream. Just imagine being so excited to clean out the kitty litter box, or to clean the toilet. lol

If you're screaming, perhaps you're already afficted with this condition?

That is so funny sciguy... thanks for sharing... gotta run I'm off to iron my socks ;P

Okay, but make sure nobod'y's watching - unless you're into that kind of thing...