I'll bet some of you are thinking you already know this word. Some of you may, but I'm sure some of you are confusing it with another word.

This word, although only one letter off from "fornication", is not the same at all. This is a medical term used to describe the sensation of having insects crawling all over your skin.

The obvious similarity between words can make for some amusing dialogue.

Tim: "You look awful. What happened?"
Madge: "I didn't get a bit of sleep. That formication had me up all night."
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Anyone watch Supernatural and think of the scene from the first season where a girl sees spiders crawling over her face and scratching at them with her hands only to see the camera pan to the mirror and realize she's hallucinating the whole thing?

i needed to giggle this made me thanks

Don't you get the same feeling when you fornicate?

And faerie is glad Tim and Madge are here...

If that's the feeling you get, then I have no idea what you're doing...

this is a great one. I'll be putting this into irregular practice.

*giggles* That's cool (the meaning, not the feeling)!