Bibulous and Tipple

Bibulous is an adjective that means to be fond of alcoholic beverages, and tipple is verb for the activity of being a habitual drinker.  Both will lead to crapulence.  
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In vino, veritas. Scary thought, sometimes. I am bibulous, and a tippler.
No hard feelings if you want to remove me from your circle, but I do try
to avoid crapulence! lol *smile* Sean

This is making me think of a story to connect... ...

I am smarter for having read this...

Hopefully you won't have a bibulous mind dump due to your tipple.

OMG, sorry Sciguy, I didn't see your story. How coincidental though. My dad shared this with us over the holidays while we were drinking wine and other adult beverages. I thought it was such a great word.

Uh-Oh. Maybe you two are closer than you think. ;-)

Sciguy had it nailed. I especially liked how the story started, from a scientific perspective ...

And probably from scientific experience!

Well, you have to be willing to conduct experiments for the sake of science...

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Sounds pretty craptacular to me.