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- dithering or fussing about
- to aimlessly waste time doing useless tasks
- sexual contact, anything from a passionate kiss up to but not including sexual intercourse (paffing)

Tim: What's wrong, Madge?
Madge: I'm faffing around because I'm bibolous for another round of vodka.
Tim: But you were just at the pub last night! You are becoming a tipple!
Madge: The crapulence led me to faff now.
Tim: (pause, staring at Madge)
Madge: What?!
Tim: We can faff about something else. *winks*
Madge: *whacks Tim*

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Sylphy Sylphy 41-45, F 6 Responses Jan 6, 2013

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This could be confused with the word "faffle", which means to stutter or stammer. Of course, you might faffle as you're faffing...

Maybe I'll spend the day faffing off.

Moose don't trot do they? What do beavers do? Does Ethyl have a beaver?

I haven't seen a moose. Sad huh? Well, I haven't seen a beaver either... well the real one.

You mean like those Tequila in Mexico where the bottle has a snake or worm?

See Midge is faffworthy. Why else would she be with a guy named Moose? Madge is more of an Ethyl. Both the comicstrip and thealcohol.

Bwahaha! I work with ethyl... I could sooo see faerieself at work when I stare at the ethyl.

It's one of the things I like Midge... for liking Moose. Pretty soon the beaver will come up here... the moose has trotted already...

LOL! Nice.^^


Why is Tim hanging around with Madge? Midge is the one who is 'faff'-worthy. Madge is just a lush looking for her next drink.

Midge? Moose' Midge? I like Midge.

If Tim faffs around with Midge, Moose will do more than whack him.