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I Think I May Be Afflicted

Basorexia (noun):

1. an overwhelming urge to neck or kiss
2. a strong craving or hunger for kissing

Example: I'm overwhelmed with basorexia everytime I'm around you!
Hongruilin Hongruilin 31-35, F 7 Responses Jan 19, 2013

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Hm... How romantic @_@

Romantic wasn't exactly what I was feeling at the time. ;-)

in spanish kiss means Beso so it will be easy for me to remember this word, basorexia.

Ooh, I had forgotten about the Spanish word for kiss. Thank you for the reminder!

Never heard of it, is it real? Lol

Very real.

Learn somethin new every day lol

Well, this looks like my new word of the day shall be used!

"I'm sorry, I have a condition..."
"Oh my, what is it?"
"It's called Basorexia."
"Oh no... like you throw up in private?"
"Heh heh, no, not that. Here let me show you."


"Oh..." *Blushes then looks shocked* "Oh my GOD! You are contagious!"
"Damn right I am".


I like it! Well done ... I may have to try that myself today ...

Do it! And have a serious face when you do. Through out the whole thing, even before, during, and after the kiss.

And then bite their neck for that little extra kick :)

Will have to work on the serious face part, because right now the thought is making me laugh and smile like a crazy woman.

As for biting the neck ... Done and done!

Is there a word like that for hugging or touching?

I don't know, sorry, maybe.



Nicely done Frenel ... Though that tends to make me think of other things ...



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This is a great word! I think I will start using it.

I plan on making it a part of my regular vocabulary.

Will be difficult to slip it in to conversation, but I will try.

Well now, that all depends on the conversation ...

I suppose that is true...

So maybe you simply need to change the types of conversations you're having - just sayin' ;-)

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Think I must suffer from that also, lol.

Dang!!.. Dident think my life could get any worse!, lol


Really, it's not such a bad thing to be afflicted with ... provided you can find someone to help relieve your suffering!


Ya thats the problem, lol. I have no victims... I mean potentional victims.. or well I mean.. anyone willing... hmm okey still sound bad. Bah!, forget it, ill just kidnap someone and let the stockholm syndrom kick in eventually. bwhahaha, lol

*slowly backs away from Wintersorrow*

Thank you for noticing im farsighted, I can see you better now.

Crap! This is one of those damned if you do damned if you don't situations isn't it? What to do ... What to do ....

*quickly turns around and makes a break for it*

Pretty much, no need to capture yourself either really, but if you insist. Everything is booby trapped. Even myself. There is no win, just lots of losing, lol.

Crappy crap buckets!!! .... So how long do you figure before the Stockholm Syndrome starts to kick in?

I dont know, do you like me?.

*laughing* ... Well you are pretty darned adorable.

huh, seem to be kinda kicking in already then. Seems like a lot of fuzz over nothing then, lol. But just in case, until tomorrow then, lol. "want a cookie?"

Ooooh, cookies!

*easily distracted by yummy food*

I need to plan better, *notes* 'cancel 40 booby traps... order 20 packages of cookies'. hmmm.. maybe a manual also. *notes again* 'How to get the stockholm syndrom for dummies'. lol + *find a way to conveniently place that somewhere*

lol, lol, LOL.

*in a totally mature move sticks out her tongue at you, then goes on happily eating cookies*

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