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I Tend To Be Verbose And ...

sesquipedalian ses-kwuh-puh-DAYL-yuhn
Adjective: Given to or characterized by the use of long words.

Example: Our dinner guest was so sesquipedalian that no one could understand what he said. 

I actually saw this on/in someones question or comment the other day and had to look it up. I actually learned something useful from EP ... imagine that! 
Hongruilin Hongruilin 31-35, F 3 Responses Jan 21, 2013

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expatiate: to enlarge in discourse or writing; be copious in description or discussion: to expatiate upon a theme.

Example: I can hardly believe I've become such a pernicious expatiator without learning that I am sesquipedalian.

*giggles* ... well done. I'm impressed.

That doesn't sound like a real word but it is and that's awesome.

It is indeed and I love it!

Imagining... Imagining... nope. Still in the nude with no armor to go into battle with.

But learning something useful from EP? Now that I can imagine! Actually, don't even have to cause I am, now! And always.

I wonder what the antonym of that word is though...

*picks jaw up off floor and closes mouth again*

Oh my ... such images ... such ...

*looses train of thought again*

Crap! Where was I? Ah ... oh yeah, something useful from EP. It does tend to happen from time to time, on occasion even, that a rare diamond is found amongst the coals in our weird and wonderful land of written adventures.

As for the antonym, the other definition for sesquipedalian is a word that is polysyllabic, so then you could go with monosyllabic or even brachysyllabic.