apodyopsis: (n.) the act of mentally undressing someone

Used in a sentence: She practiced her apodyposis on the rather alluring man standing across the room.

I don't know about you, but I never do this. *she says grinning impishly while her horns peek out from beneath her dark hair, tilting her halo.*
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*smiling mischievously*

How did I NOT know this word before today?! It shall be my life's mission to both make it a part of my everyday vocabulary and to practise the art of apodyopsis on a regular basis!

(I think my horns are becoming rather difficult to hide lately ... )

I know, right? I just learned it today, too, and I had to post it here. I think I already have at least an intermediate skill level with apodyopsis, but I want to become an expert. ;)

(Yes, my horns seem to be a regular part of my attire lately. I wonder if I could pierce them and add some bling, lol.)

You know what they say is the best way to become an expert in something don't you?

"Practise, practise, practise!"

Hehe! <3 you! Yes, we definitely should practise our apodyopsis practice. :) I'm sitting in Panera looking for someone to practise on, but the pickings are slim, lol.

*nodding knowingly*

I'm sure, with a little luck, you'll be able to find someone to refine your practice with (on?).

*grinning impishly now, again, from something you've said*


(I know, I know ... there goes the tongue again!)

LOL! Mind that tongue of yours, dear one, or there will be consequences. ;)

The question is: Will they be the consequences I am hoping for?

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