odaxelagnia: (n.) sexual arousal from biting or being bitten

Used in a sentence: I have a real fetish for odaxelagnia, so BITE ME! No, REALLY bite me!

So, yeah. I may be afflicted, but I'm ok with that. ;) Vampires who sparkle can keep their distance, though.

There's an EP group for this, too!
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whoever came up with that name wasn't looking at that picture when they thought of it!

Agreed. I think I should have included the pronunciation. :)

I've left tooth marks on a lover. Our game was to leave a mark that lasted until her husband returned on Friday.

It was always very exciting when the mark was still red on Friday

Wow. I don't really care for marks, personally. Hate hickeys, always have. But I do like love bites and nibbles. They're very arousing and fantastic in the heat of the moment.

I consider the neck nibble a healthy part of my weekly diet. Yummy!

Mmm... Knew there was a reason I liked you. ;)

Killing me!

For some reason, chivers makes me think of something unpleasant. It shouldn't because chills and shivers, yum. I love the smell of a Man with or without cologne, but if I like the cologne, I'm lost.


Sooo ... I think we may have to start a support group or something ...

Lol, yes, possibly. Although, I think the support group would just end up biting and enabling each other. Not that I'd necessarily mind that or anything... :)

*fanning face again*

Oh the mental images I just had! Could somebody please open a window!

I think we can both agree on that. That primitive, animalistic desire of lust and affection, tasting their skin, their sweat; ever increasing the blood flow from beneath, to pulsate amongst the nerve endings that send a signal of pleasure straight to the brain and to other regions of sensitivity...

Mhm. Me likey.

Thank you. Yes, well said. Totally agree. Brain a little hijacked right now...

Me likey, too.

Wait, wait, wait ... I need to start breathing again and still my pounding heart. Oh my ... Me also likely!!!

LOL - That Lysander does have a way, doesn't he? I've just started breathing normally again. ;)

*fanning face*

A way indeed!

Perhaps; Perhaps its that image of Desire, of removing all societal norms and releasing that free flow of ecstasy, breaking out of the cage of decency and allowing our hormones and bodies to do what it was made to do; to want, need, pleasure, succeed... in multiple ways and multiple times. It is not enough for just one sip, we've been hungry for it for so long; so we take a bite and as we let go, so do we, open the gate to Aphrodite's waters and be refreshed...

...jeezus, I need to get laid.

*giggling at Lysander*

*giggling at and breathing erratically once again because of Lysander* ;)

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