I Enjoy Expanding My Vocabu...

I enjoy expanding my vocabulary.  Looking up definitions is my idea of a good time.  Really, I do it quite often. 

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conflagration (N) a destructive fire, usually an extensive one

Hey firetech...ethnocentrism is a word that has much the same meaning as insular.

"Stupid" also has much the same meaning. lol! sorry couldn't resist......:)

Now those are words one can sink their teeth into.

Check out Invisible Driving, (Amazon.com), you'll learn LOTS of new words, like rabazibby, extippotop squatch, snazzmatic, and snozzle.

RA, I like learning new words also. If you don't mind, I'll add a word a day, and would love to see others do so. My word is<br />
<br />
insular (adj) interested only in your own country or group and not willing to accept different or foreign ideas.<br />
<br />
A trait, by the way, that some on EP seem to possess.

reformed, you are right, the trick is finding a group large enough so that there is some anonymity. I often do it at big family gatherings ... it kind of diffuses the "we've talking about work and our plans and now there is nothing for us to talk about" awkwardness.

You know that doesnt seem like something I would do normally. But now that I have come to know of the dictionary game... look out!!

that is funny...I could have a lot of fun playing that game but I'd have to find a group to play it with.

you play with a big group of people. Everyone has little slips of paper they can write on. One person has a big dictionary and looks up a crazy word no one would know ... like ...quadrivium. The person with the dictionary waits a few minutes while all the other pla<x>yers make up a definition. Like "of or pertaining to the study of quadrangular prisms" or "a building, often found in high altitudes, with four walls to weather high winds." Basically, you write whatever. So then the dictionary person collects all the phony definitions (including one he or she wrote with the REAL definition) and reads them aloud, one by one. Before the turn is over everyone votes. You get a point if you vote for the REAL definition, and you can get a point if your phony definition was thought to be real by the majority of the pla<x>yers. Then you switch and play again. I hope that was clear enough - its REALLY fun, mostly because of the silly definitions people come up with.<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
ps. quadrivium is a medieval university curriculum involving the "mathematical arts" of arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music. Just learned that now!

Island...I know what you mean I think...I get caught in the trap of using the same phrases or words to describe things. I'm trying to eliminate 'awesome' from my vocabulary though it's not working out quite yet. It's about making an effort though LOL<br />
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OOTS...I don't know the dictionary game...what's that about?

words are great, i agree. Have you ever played the dictionary game??