These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Raindrops and roses and tight latex clothes,
rubber and leather for arousing poses.
These are a few of my favorite things
(With apologies to Rogers and Hammerstein)

My grandmother's attic was a favorite place for exploration. Treasures and curiosities from times past, lay dusty, forlorn and almost forgotten. One afternoon as I poked through an obscure closet, I stumbled upon a World War II sheepskin flight suit. Fluffy fleece on the inside and soft leather hide on the outside.

As the attic was unheated, the fleece looked warm and soft so I decided to put it on. While the fit was a little large, the fluffy fleece filled the void and made the full coat and trousers truly comfy. My senses were unexpectedly stimulated, the soothing fleece, the creaky sound as I moved and the wonderful smell of the tanned leather. The arousal was unmistakable.

I had to have that suit, but couldn't figure out how to ask my grandmother for something I found so erotic. Knowing it was wrong, I found an opportunity to steal the suit when nobody was home. It was easy to justify, since it was probable that no one but me even knew it was there. To this day, I doubt it was ever missed.

I hid the suit in the unused loft of a neighbor's barn where it was easy for me to disappear and slip in for regular visits. Remarkable super hero fantasies plus the feeling of great security the suit generated, were mixed with the anxiety over the possibility of my secret being discovered. To my great surprise, this powerful combination of fantasy and emotion triggered discovery of a new ability one first discovers in adolescence. It introduced me to my manhood.

Leather was my first love! Is it any surprise that leather has had a very special place in my psyche ever since?

As I continued to enjoy the satisfaction of my "super-suit", I came upon a pair of amazing of electrical lineman's gloves. Black shiny heavy rubber gloves. These gloves made it seem as if it were some else's hands that were touching me. Those gloves made the "super-suit" even more special.

One day browsing in the local Army-Navy store, I found an old leather flight cap. Further, I could not take my eyes off a gas mask that stared back at me from it's lonely position on a back shelf. I was relieved that the store clerk was discrete enough not to question why I wanted two such peculiar items. I certainly could not tell him that they aroused me and would complete the "super-suit" with 100% enclosure.

Those were lonely days because there was no way for an adolescent boy to understand that these fetish impulses were normal and that many people share them. These are things that mom and dad simply never explained in discussion of the birds and the bees.

The reason I describe my experience here, is so you can feel more comfortable with the erotic forces that motivate you. So you will understand that it is perfectly normal to enjoy the satisfying feel, the rewarding sounds, and the remarkable smells provided by your favorite rubber things and by wearing your favorite leather clothes.

Enjoy life. Enjoy yourself. After all who deserves it more than you?
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Jul 21, 2010