Shiny Textures

Although those things are commonly linked to the BDSM scene, I like mostly only to wear and am not interested in those sub/dom games. I think - leather, latex, pvc etc. clothes are very sensual, they feel good when you put 'em on and and they also look awsome. With all this I don't want to say that I am intolerant to the BDSM enthusiasts - no, I respect them absolutely, only I personally do not get kick from it... I do not feel a need to abuse someone, nor being abused. But it is surprising, how many people like that. Am I really a bad teaser?

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Absolutely! Who needs BDSM (or drugs!) when you have the ultimate sensuality of wearing leather and latex - invigorates the soul through a combined assault on all the senses! Shine on as a fetish beacon!

A latexfetish is a nice enough thing itself. It mixes well with parts of bdsm, but it clear doesnt need it.
Following your profile i your interested in 3d arts. light on latex is very similar to hair, witch we associate wie a healthy human. Thats why every women in oiled latex awakens a deep urge to give her a good ride.
and beautyfull children :)

Wow Gina, You're on the mark with this. I've always loved the look, feel and scent of leather, latex and rubber. Not only do I think the look screams sexy but the textures really speak to my senses. It makes the whole experience extremely sensual and heightens my pleasure sensors...

I feel the exact same way about the latex fetish wear. And I also don't feel any attraction to receiving- or inflicting pain, ballgags or anything else that doesn't directly relate to latex as the "turn on spice" I experience it to be.

Yes, you are a tease, but only because you seem to be attracted to the same as I am 😉

- Shiny Smiles

BDSM and Dom/sub bondage is about exchange of power NOT about abuse. It is about turning over control of your pleasure to someone, or having someone turn it over to you. This is all done willingly with an understanding. There are many misunderstandings about this. Like many things...Once you understand what it is all about you might find it interesting.
PS: Latex just feels so good to touch...It is like super skin!. Thanks for your story.

It's a great feeling next to the skin. I find that wearing just a leather jacket is a huge turn on!

Latex is such a wonderful thing.

Dress how you want to and dont ever feel bad about what other people think. If you enjoy it wear it, I am sure you will find like minded people

If I was only a girl so I could wear rubber dresses and skirts with my rubber panties in public !!!!!!

The do it in the right place Hun, enjoy it when and where you can

I totally agree I love wearing leather either skirts, dress's, or jeansI To me there is nothing sexier than seeing a woman wearing a leather skirt of any shape or size. I don't know why but leather skirts really do it for me but would not like to harm anyone. My wife says it would ruin the leather garment and that would be a waste.

Agree completely. Its a common believe that BDSM and tight cloths (of these materials) go together. For me latex is sensual, its a feel and a exotic touch. Give me a girl in a latex suit and i melt... <br />
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That being said, it doesn't mean that people that enjoy BDSM don't like tight cloths, latex, leather etc. They are good materials to use to restrain, so they get used for that i' m guessing.

Thanks for sharing Gina. I agree latex clothing can feel so sensual and you don't have to be into Bdsm to enjoy it.

Hey Gina,<br />
I pretty much dress in leather every day. i agree with you totally. I dress for myself because i love the smell and feel of leather. I very often get asked whether I am dom or sub just because I wear leather. I'd be lying if i said I hadn't thought about it, but it's not for me. I dress for myself and yeah, I know the majority of guys will be mentally unzipping my leather mini skirt off , but actually that's part of the buzz of dressing sexy.<br />
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Thanks for sharing Gina - there's nothing as deliciously arousing as seeing a woman dressed in leather or latex or pvc, and while I am not into the BDSM scene the occasional smack on the *** can be a turn-on, especially if wearing latex panties.

Yea I have to say shiny tight clothes turn me on immensely but don't like BDSM etc. They seem to be connected to that all the time its a shame. Don't see where pain can be related to the pleasure of sex to be honest.

Oh dear! Is it a big closet?

There seem to be quite a few of us

yes! And latex stockings and pencil-skirts and dresses... or long soft leather gloves and leather skirts and dresses... I like to wear them, they just feel good!