Hey everyone, so were do you purchase your latex?
Ixsaintjimmy Ixsaintjimmy
22-25, F
3 Responses Aug 18, 2014

Milanoo.com ;)

I buy mine over the internet from vendors located in Canada, the UK, China, Germany, Thailand and to date, none from the good ole USA. So far, I have had the best experience from Angeldis in China through ebay, and from Latexa in Germany. twistmyrubberarm has a very good selection of mainly molded clothing and some sex toys.

Why are you so much into BDSM???

It's always been my thing. I just really like being used and abused.

It's probly from some stupid **** buried inside me, but I really can't stay away from it. And it works because my partner is also deeply into it.

Also thanks for the places, I wasn't sure where to trust, my partner has been into latex for a long time and I think it'll be really hot to be the one in it.