My First Lesbian Expirence

My first lesbian expirence was on a grade 8 trip with one of my best friends. We were saying at this hotel and were to have four people to a room I got three of my best friends were in the same room Lisa and Carly went shopping on te third day backside my teacher had given us free roam. Me and Kelsey both said we were to tired so we stayed at the hotel just talking we got into talking about relationships and she stunne me by saying that she had started thinking about girls I had always thought I liked guys but somthing in the back of my mind turned on when she said it that made me extremely horney and I told her that I had also started to think about women in a sexual manner. We had just sat there for about five minutes when she walked over and kissed me it was the most amazing thing I had ever expirenced I kissed her back and I hadent ever done anything with a girl but I knew what I liked what my past boyfriends had done for me so I tried it. I started to take her shirt off and she giggled when I got it off and she took mine off. She then pushed me back onto the bed and unbuttoned and took off my jeans it felt amazing to hav a girl take off my pants I felt naughty and daring so she must have known it exited me so she slowly slipped off my lace panties and started to lic my ***** I just loved the way her tounge penetrated my ***** so I moaned so she went all put for another five minutes when she climbed up onto the bed and we took off each others bra's an I took off her jeans and thong ( that's when I realised she planned for this to happen ;) I liked it ) we then started to kiss and I licked tickled her breasts so giggled and smiled at me with mischief in her eyes as she placed her ***** on mine an bagan to grind each other I wanted to make her feel like I was worth the effort so I rolled her over and started to kiss from her neck to her ***** where I gave her a hicci right beside her vagina then I started to lick her ***** I tasted like nothing else on this world I fell in love with it . I was completely into it when I got pulled up to her lips and we started to make out and rub her ***** on my leg we did this for about half an hour when I got up for a shower. After the shower our friends got back. The rest of the trip me and Kelsey had two more sexual expirences and it got me hooked into women since then I have had five more secret relationships with girls and they have all been erotic and sexy. Thank you for reading I hope all the girls put there that are courious realise to try it out it's worth it
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HOT story!

Amazing sexy experience!

Great story. Very happy you crossed that "boundary". Keep having fun and enjoy.

I completely agree with you. My first time was amazing.

loved it

It happens