I dont know why more people don't wear 501s. They have got to be the hottest looking jeans. Guys dont know how good their butts look in them, and I think girls look just as good too.
I had never owned a pair until several years ago, but since then  I've been pretty much obsessed, and get truly excited when I see someone, guy or girl, walking around in a nice tight pair. Before i got my first 501s, I used to still enjoy tight Levis -- something about those copper rivets, the red tab, and that sexy leather patch really turned me on. I'd almost always wear them when I went out to bars because I truly believed other people must be just as aroused by them as I was. Then one night I was by myself at this roadhouse late at night, and I was watching this blonde biker lady who'd gotten up to play the jukebox. Her levis got my attention, and they looked exceptionally good. I ended up talking to her and having a couple beers, and we were commenting on each other's jeans. She said hers were 501s, that she always wore them, that they were hands down the best kind they had. Until then, I guess I was naive, but I thought levis were levis. She totally converted me to 501s though, and I had to agree they look so hot.
A few weeks after that I bought my own. They are the sexiest feeling, the sexiest looking, and though I'm totally a tight jean fetish person, and like to wear and see almost any kind regardless, 501's are the dream jeans.
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The best butt is a butt in tight jeans!

100% with you here. 501s are the best jeans ever.love to see girl in tight well worn Levis. they make a sexy looking ***.

I quite like to see the combination of tight jeans and high heeled sandals on women. Do you ever dress like that?

I have my passion for jeans and nothing beats a good pair of Levis! Love Levis jeans on women.. For some reason they turn me on more then other brands..

501's are the only jeans I have ever worn!

All I own but 2 carharts

Wow Thank you for posting this :) I could agree more with you.

We know how good our butts look in Levis

sure am intrigued to see your butt now .. hehe

I agree Becky. My 501's are my favorite

501s are the greatest Jeans ever ; ) So I finally found a Levis girl on EP . I'm British from England but we have great Levis Stores in London . I've been wearing 501s since my late teens and won't wear any other jeans . You can't wear them out as they are so tough and they look better as they get older . I love to see a pair of 501s on women too - they really show a good *** well . I've bought many a pair for a female lover so I could look at her Buttocks in them . Keep wearing them hun ; ) X

I hope they're tight enough to show off your ****. My bf has 9 inches, 7 soft, so he shows a great package too

Your Bf sounds like he fills his Levis jeans crotch just like me ; ) If ever you leave him give me a shout xxx

wow. gauntlet thrown down. I luv it

Becky you are at the top of my Gauntlet list you sexy American babe in blue Jeans ; ) X

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501's are sexy, I agree they do make your arse look great!

Love a girl in tight jeans

Girls wearing 501 are very sexy and i agree with you : why don't more girls wear a pair of levis?

Have worn jeans since college, mostly Levi's. Now days Levi's are my fashion statement, especially wearing those great fitting 501's with my favorite T-shirt.
We do have a casual Friday at work so wearing jeans is acceptable on that day only.

I will have to keep that in mind the next time I need to get a pair of jeans.

They are great looking on woman for sure and I hear the ladies say they like them on me I used to wear Wrangler cowboy cut jeans but I like the Levi's better sooo let's see what you look like in them lady !!!!!

Will never give up mine..have had them for over 15 years..just not one but four

501's beat most levis because they are high waisted & narrow leg others that are really good for that are 518s, 512s, 912s, 901s, 615s etc most of which are from the 80s

I agree, women should wear tight 501's more often. Unfortunately, they are difficult to find here.

The 501's or the women?

Levi's 501's are the best jeans and the old style are better because these are made in the USA. If I could I'd wear these to work.
501 Blue

when i buy a new pair, i love wearing my new levis 501's to work because the girls at the office always say oh are those some new 501's? they always say, let me see turn around so we can see....lol....its like women can always notice when a bubble butt boy like me is wearing some brand new levis 501 jeans because round bubble butts like mine fill them out perfectly!

I couldn't agree more, Becky, you spoke from my heart! Wish there were more gorgeous women like you wearing tight 501s, it is always a real turn on for me. Do you prefer the prewashed or the shrink to fit 501s? I like to wear the STF 501s, although I haven't found my desired size 30x38, so as a compromise I have to wear 31x36.

I like the shrink to fit ones, since I enjoy soaking in the tub with them on, and letting them dry in the sun after. They get really snuggly comfy after a few washes that way. You should try some army surplus stores, they sometimes carry uncommon sizes. Or Ross. I once got a pair of beautiful dark blue 501s in size 0 there, which is almost impossible to find

It is great fun soaking while wearing 501s. You can literally see and feel them shrinking. For anyone wanting to wear underwear, 501s feel and fit much better without it.

That's what I enjoy too. I think the main shrinking occurs while they are drying, it feels great when the 501s start molding to my body so tightly. I like walking the wet jeans dry in a hot tropical climate, it feels like a built in air conditioning with massage function.
Thanks a lot for the great tips.
What's size 0 in waist and length? That single number size format is new to me.

Like becky i love tigh tjeans and yes 501 Levis are the best they cling to my cheeks and thighs and c_________--- so much as i never wear panties under them never i like how the tight deuim bites into my body and i too get a lot of looks and checking out by both guys and girls I find it funny when a guy is checking me out and his g/f or wife sees him and she gets pissed at them bet she is jealous lol I feel kind of naughty when wearing my tight 501's and a few times i have got them soaking wet by swimming in them or just going into a lake and they clingggggggggggggg so much more then hmmmmmmmmmm i love that is that naughty?

Mmm very nice I love seing a woman wearing skin tight 501 specially soaking wet so shiny and get even tighter turns me on,I love to swimm in my tight 501s also

My sentiments exactly.

There certainly is no Jeans like Levi's 501s. I have worn them almost my entire life always against bare skin. In fact that is all I have on right now. Absolute total comfort like a second skin. What a great summer wearing them everyday!

I agree. You look so hot in your 501s

I wear all my jeans skintight, but Levi 501s have a special feel and eroticism to them. I know that when wear them, with just a thong or g string underneath, that both guys and chicks are watching me and wanting to ****. I also get turned on by guys in skintight Levis and get ******* pissed off by the way most young guys wear their jeans today — loose. My boyfriend is different — he definitely showas a package

I wouldn't mind seeing you, or your boy, strutting around in them. Does he wear them skintight, like when he's standing straight, there's not a wrinkle in them? i luv that

Wow, thats exactly the way i like it by them. And of course i wear my own jeans skintight with a sexy thong underneath them...love it. And when i get the chance i soak them in a lake or pool...makes me feel sexy!

Those terrible baggy jeans look like having the capacity to collect the **** of a whole week. These guys don't need a restroom! Crappy stupid disgusting!

I love it too. His Levi 501s look like they're molded to his body and they show off this incredibly sexy package. He can't stand wrinkles in his jeans. He swears by Levis, but he also has a pair of French Le Chat jeans which are positively obscene

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Hi Becky, You look so hot in your Levis.<br />
Ever since childhood I was turned on by girls wearing Tight Levis. The Tab Especially Orange Tab realy looked so sexy on a girls butt, Some girls wanted me to wear Levis to impress them and I did, Orangetab Corduroys were so hot, with the Orangetab on my tight good looking Butt turned those girls on, They would swat my *** with their hand and spank my Levis ***. I so loved this that today I am looking for a Levis Girl to take me and make me her Levi boy toy. Where are you Levi Girl?


you know british designers and french designers make great jeans too.<br />
<br />
just saying. <br />
<br />

Tight fitting 501's are indeed very sweet!

I had a gf once who had to lie down to fasten all her jeans. And she was a skinny little thing! I guess when you want tight jeans, nothing else matters--even being able to breathe! ;-)

501's really do make your *** look great!

I stil wear only 501s as long as i remember.<br />
even swim and sleep in 501 cutoffs<br />
most sexy girls are in Levi's no doubts about that.

Becky...Me too? Thx!

Call me nuts, but I get excited when i wear a tight fitting pair of 501's. I love the way they fit your body(unlike other jeans)...I like feeling the seam between my legs...it gets me excited. I know...I know...i'm LOCO...butt then....WTF :-;

Hey Becky, add me as a friend?

I don't own anything else but Levi's 501's and the tighter the better... love them!

omg the tighter the better

got that right

This story took back to the days when I only wore 501's.I don't think I even own a pair anymore but I do have some of the Silvertabs because as i got to be 40 they just were more comfy.I am not fat or anything but I like clothes to fit looser now than when i was 20.I may have a pair of 501's somewhere in my closet.May have to dig them out and see how they fit if I find a pair.Cool story!

thanks Becky!! i wear a 6 med. should i try the 501s in a 4? they stretch?

yeah, they're all good. you've got to get the 501's though. something wierd about the way they're made, and even the button-fly itself. get em as tight as you can, they'll squeeze around you.

yeah? I wouldn't mind picking out a couple pairs of wrangler stranglers for you to try on. Hope I can guess the size right and not get ones that were way way too damn small for you.I'd enjoy hearing the grunting inside that changing room while you tried squeezing into them

Just tight enough that you gotta tuck to the left. I will bring the shoe horn to help you into them

omg i never tried the 501s! the 545s are my favorits