I'm a Library *****

I know every library in town like the back of my  hand.  I can tell you which one has the best movies, which has the best seats, the best view, the best non-ficition selection, and the best New Book section.  When I was younger, I grew up in a very small town.  The library was basically a small room crammed with as many bookshelves and books as they could get in.  I would spend hours there (it was a block from my house).  The librarian would save me books she knew I would like.  One summer, I made it my goal to read every book in the library.  I started on one shelf and slowly worked my way through every book.  Just when I finished that section, the library was re-organized.  I lost my place and by then realized the fruitlessness of my mission. 

One night, I was at the bar with a bunch of guy-friends.  Somebody said: "Hey!  Let's go to the Library!  Wait, nevermind, I don't have my card."  Without thinking (uh, these aren't exactly book lovers and it's 4am), I blurt out: "It's okay!  I have one!"  Then I realized they were talking about a ***** club called The Library.  I was really excited there for a minute.

It's my secret wish that my librarian will come out to dinner where I work one night.  I don't know why.  If he did, I'd buy him a drink and sit and listen to all his library stories.

Every town I live in, I get so excited to visit the library for the first time.  There are so many possibilities.  My favorite so far is the Anchorage Library.  The building itself is amazing.  My closest library is really old and it has all these funny nooks and crannys to hide in.  My favorite is about 15 minutes away but sells used books (really good ones, too bestsellers and book club books) for 50 cents a piece.  Amazing.

Libraries are better than Disneyland.

Babeifer Babeifer
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2 Responses Feb 10, 2009

i love them too, with the internet now its a dying place but i love them

yeah, nice thing u shared with us. books are heaven and dreamland