Hangin Out

when i was a kid, my parents owned a business just a block away from the local library. i would spend summers at their shop so they wouldn't have to get a babysitter for me. and i spent all of my time at the library. i love to read, thank god. still today as an adult, when i have nothing else to do i go and hang out at the library. i love it. it's a peaceful safe haven, full of a vast array of information, and i can just sit and read and watch people. this is a really boring story so i'm done telling you about my days at the library.

scooper scooper
26-30, F
1 Response Feb 23, 2009

Lucky you. Being there immediately transports u to a different world of words and thoughts, takes u to various people the world over and feel were are in contact with the universe and are one community