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Hi everybody,

4 years ago our home computer (windows xp) crashed for the 3rd time in 2 year. we didnt know what to do but then our computer expert started talking about a FREE / OPEN SOURCE operating system called Ubuntu linux. so we tryed it out and after using it for only one day i knew i only would use windows again for gaming. I loved the interface (gnome) and i was so surprised about how fast and stable it whas (ubuntu 10.04). now, 4 years later , i still only use windows a little for gaming but further i said goodby to microsoft. I love linux because its free, open source, looks nice, is fast, is stable, there is a whole community to help you out if you're stuck and also because its just linux. I study application development now and everybody of my class uses windows 7. i always quietly laugh when they get a crash or a blue screen (what happens a lot) while my ubuntu always runs smooth and never gets me any trouble. I recently discovered a linux distribution called Arch Linux and i think i fell in love with that OS. it is so easy and just looks so nice!

So yeah i really love Linux and i hope in the future when there are more games linux-compatible (or if i dont game anymore) i can say goodbye to microsoft forever!

Cheers joost (17 years old ICT student)
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4 Responses Jan 16, 2013

I wonder why Linux hasn't taken off as well as I would have expected. People talk about Windows as though it's the only game in town.

I too like Linux I run Ubuntu Linux 12.04 Lts. I took a brand new windows 8 and upgraded to Linux, my first laptop and I can do what I want to it or install whatever distro feel the fancy to play with. two days ago had debian squeeze on here. Every should experience linux once in life.

I love it too.

I love debian linux. glad to hear u converted to linux :-)