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I'm a fan of Linux ever since my dad introduced it to me. I would love to be able to master it and use it more but I'm still very unfamiliar with some of the stuff. Thankfully, there is an abundance of support in the open-source community.

My biggest problem with the shell. I cannot for the life of me operate it. AARRGHH
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Most commands have a built-in help. You can see them by typing "command -h|--help". Example: man --help. Most commands also have a manual page. You can read them with "man command". Example: man man. In the pager (that's the program that shows the manual page), you navigate via the cursor keys. You close the pager by hitting "q" for "quit". If you get called "RTFM", then it means "read the *******/fine manual" which means, take a look at the manpage.

yaaay!!! LINUX!!!

there nothing to be afraid of with the terminal it is no harder than a dos prompt but is more powerful than dos ever was.<br />
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If i was you i would start small with easy commands like ls and cd with these 2 commands try and navigate the whole file system then next move onto piping output of commands to text files, I will not show you how to do this as it will feel better for yourself if you learn. There are lots of websites that have basic guides to using the console