Ever since I was around the age of 9 I have been intreged in the sound of a hearteat. If it wasn't for my heart condition I wouldn't of been so intreged, well actually i would of because the heart beat is so peacefull. since i had my heart condition my heart has allways been strong and it pounds so loudly.i just grew up thinking wow. I am now 17 and i am fit and healthy. I have 2 stethoscopes and I use them both every single night I find it so relaxing listening to my heart it excites me when it goes fast after I have been jogging. My stethoscopes are fantastic, I would love someone else to listen to my heart trough a stethoscope other than my doctor as much as I love going to the doctors purely because I know that I will get him to listen to my heartbeat. In my eyes the heart is a beautiful thing it's just so gentle and relaxing! I have never told anybody about how much I love listening to my own heartbeat incase they think I'm weird...
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I'm Collin benavidez and I'm listening to my heart with my shirt off and my stethoscope is on my chest

I'll steth you <3<3

If anyone wants clips of my heart beating just email me demloo1234@gmail.com

I'm female and 38. I had this fetish since age 6. Not sure if you read my blog written Dec 2011. But I used to think that I was weird or crazy or a freak for loving to listen to my own heartbeat. I remember at age 6 loving to watch any medical show that had EKGs, and paddles. I loved it. At age 6, I didn't understand what was going on, I didn't understand the "Why" behind it all. Now I understand that for me there is a strong connection between the steth (or electrodes on the chest) and sexual arousal. I used to get so horny as a 8 or 9 year old watching a tv show with paddles or just the word 'Clear" would send me through the roof. I remember the feeling, but I didn't understand what that feeling was.

One I got to be around age 13 or so, I got it. That is when all of the shame started and I also remember seeing a prono mag at age 7 my dad had out (he shouldn't have had that out to where I could see it). . .and that was not good for me to see at age 7. I think that prono mag he had out made a connection for me with sex since he was a nurse and he had his steth on the ***** mag.

This was a MAJOR big shame thing with me for years and years. I'm just now starting to accept this is who I am and I love the sound of my own heartbeat. And I'm sure I'll find someone like me to share this fetish with. We are sexual beings and it IS perfectly normal to be sexual. Some people like feet and toes, some people like lace and leather. I love heartbeats and they turn me on. Don't be ashamed for who you are!!! You are not weird. You are just you.

If someone doesn't accept you for you, they are not your friend!

Wow...its fantastic! I love it! I have a stethoscope-mic set up myself to share my heartbeat online using mostly Skype. I love to listen as well and describe the beat while listening, analyse it etc. Feel free to add me on Skype (sigris175)!

me to its great! i have added you to skype